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your hostesses

your hostesses

About Newelty

We like Alexander McQueen, Ladurée cookies, and Adam Ant. We don’t want travel advice from any writer dude who’s ever worn a beeper in the waistband of his pleated slacks. If the writer is bearded–we are looking at you, Peter Greenberg–he’s not going to like the same background music in a sushi joint that we are. We’re not looking to Bearded Boomer Dudes (BBDs) for our hotel recommendations.

When the two of us–Betty and Lia–worked for a Travel Company That Dare Not Speak Its Name, we realized two things about each other: damn, this girl is cool, and damn, the majority of travel writing is really, really boring. We like things that are new and novel when it comes to travel–hence, newelty, an old-timey word meaning “novelty.”

If you want to find out more about the ideology behind this site, read Lia’s travel writing manifesto.

About Your Hostesses

Profile of Betty

About Betty: Travel professional, skeptical of travel advice, fan of Singapore Air. Loves all things Africa, new media, and traveling light…in style. Prefers the quest of interesting over happy.

the ever-intrepid girl reporter in her party pants

your intrepid girl reporter, hard at work in her stylish pink party pants

About Lia: Obsessed with luggage, design, and efficiency in travel (while maintaining a jet-set veneer); has been known to accessorize before a ride on her Dutch bike; thinks that most travel writing needs a makeover.

Contact Info: newelty at gmail dot com. We’d love to hear from you! Unless you’re grumpy…or an asshat…in which case, save it for the comments.

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