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Cycle Chic–But Guess Where?

April 25th, 2011 · Add a comment · Blog posts by Lia, Euro-style cycle chic, Transportation bliss

Bicycles Outside the Ashmolean

The word that I think of when I see the photo above is “dapper.” Those bikes look dapper posed against the white stone of the building. (Close newelty readers will also recall when I described this older gentleman as dapper, as well. Similar feel to both.)

And what about this huge fiestsenstalling pictured below? Any idea where all this wonderful bicycleness was captured?

Bike Garage

The answer after the jump!

Believe it or not, it was shot in Oxford, in the U.K. Surprise! I had been to Oxford a few years ago, but had no recollection of this kind of mad bicycle energy in the town.

It’s absolutely wonderful to see. The top photo was shot outside of the Asmolean Museum, by the way. More on that museum in a future post.

In the meanwhile, isn’t there something just very high-brow and pleasing about the photo of the bicycles pictured above? The bikes look downright academic to me, whereas the bottom picture could really be interchanged with Delft’s bicycle garage (albeit not quite as immense).

Speaking of dapper cycle chic, I stopped by Seattle’s own Hub & Bespoke shop this weekend. Having dropped crazy cash on various bicycling necessities (read: not necessities), I’d recommend them as lovely little pit stop for anyone who finds the top photo in this blog post as inspiring as I do. Here’s a cute photo of their store from their blog.

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