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Club World Has Ruined Me for Life

April 24th, 2011 · Add a comment · Blog posts by Lia, Novelty, Transportation bliss

Personal zone buttons in Club World

I am in love with British Airways. There’s no other way to say it. I’m obsessed (having signed up for a credit card with them to get more miles). I spend time thinking about them, and how to fly them next. It’s like the worst high-school crush ever, and all because of Club World.

Betty has already shared the virtues of flying when there are only four seats across the plane (thanks, Singapore Air!) But I had no idea how lovely flat seats could be when combined with British politeness until last month. And now there’s no going back–Club World has ruined me forever.

See those arrows above? The ones all the way to the left of the photo? They allow you to micro-adjust your seat. See the photo that looks like a flat line? That sends you into heaven. I was obsessed with these buttons, floating up out of sleep to make sure they were still there, and it wasn’t all a dream and I was secretly stuffed into coach.

Full show and tell after the jump!

See the footrest below? Yeah, that. And the pop-out television that you can also stow out of your way? And the lamp on the wall in front, to make the entire experience seem more civilized? And the plastic divider that makes your nearest seatmate seem like a fuzzy memory?

Club World Zone of Awesomeness

Obsessed. You can stow the footrest, of course. It’s also worth mentioning that British Airways keeps a stiff upper lip, and doesn’t pander with dumb stunts in the way that Virgin does (a.k.a. “in flight sexy texting“).

Combine all these amenities with British stewards coming by asking if you’d like to have your tea “topped up” (answer is always yes, by the way), and you’ll have a sense of why I am planning on flying them again this summer, even on my own dime.

Reading in Club World

And let’s not forget the lounges. At Heathrow Airport’s new Terminal 5, the Club World lounge was enormous. They had a full meal service as you first entered the lounge, but everywhere are snacks and treats tucked away in quiet oases.

Free Coffee, Snacks and Meals at Club World in Heathrow

Evidently, they also have free massages, although I arrived too late to take advantage.

Club World, will you marry me and make it official already?

P.S. In honor of the royal wedding extravaganza, I’ll be posting on everything London this week. Tally ho!

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