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Good Bye, Waxy Lenin!

February 17th, 2011 · Add a comment · Blog posts by Lia, Novelty

Movie poster for Good Bye, Lenin!

No, this post isn’t about our #6 favorite travel movie of all time, but about the actual Vladimir Lenin. As you probably know, he’s been on display as a kind of tourist trinket-slash-semi-religious icon since his death, in Red Square in all his waxy glory. But possibly not for much longer.

I went to check out the online poll, because, really–how funny is that? His mortal coil put to an online vote? (At least they didn’t use survey monkey, which would have added a layer of extra indignity.) It sounds like a hoax, but no, it’s legit.

Google translate says that the page says:

“I think every year we must raise the same question of the removal of the remains of Lenin’s body from the mausoleum – said in an interview with the official site of the party” United Russia Duma deputy Vladimir Medina – is well known that Lenin himself was not going to build a no mausoleums and his living relatives – a sister and brother were opposed. They wanted to bury him in St. Petersburg with his mother. But the Communists did not care about the desires and most of the leader and his relatives.

“Do you support the idea of dumping the body V. Lenin?

Maybe something got lost in translation for that last bit, but it seems like a particularly rough wording of that question, doesn’t it?

Go ahead, take the poll yourself. All glory to the Internets!

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