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Beware the “City View” Room

February 8th, 2011 · Add a comment · Blog posts by Lia, Wary of the advice of others

I have a friend, a photographer, who loves photoshop mistakes. His favorites are more of the airbrushing gone wild variety, but I’m loving the travel equivalent:’s Photo Fakeouts.

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The one above, for a Dominican Republic hotel, makes for a pretty great side-by-side comparison. Enjoy the blissfully solitary view above with the reality down below. (Check it out after the jump.)


I know from experience within the travel-writing world that a “city view” equals an alleyway. And yet I still find myself wanting to believe the beautiful myth, as with this hotel better qualified as a motel (and the fact that the lobby was the best part). I could recommend more of their photo fakeouts, but really, just go explore their full list. There are some total gems in there.

I also have to say that it’s super savvy of Oyster to position themselves as truth-tellers in the age when anyone with a mobile phone camera can tell you more about your hotel than most travel guidebooks.

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