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A Dapper Gentleman, Cycle-Ready

August 1st, 2010 · Add a comment · Blog posts by Lia, Dutch bikes, Euro-style cycle chic, Novelty, Obsessed with the Dutch

I’ve already posted about how much I love the Dutch relationship to bicycling. I love Copenhagen Cycle Chic, and am trying to help bring Seattle Cycle Chic into being. But Dutch biking is simply beautiful.

They’re not precious about biking. Everyone bikes. Including this gentleman, who took the passenger ferry across the river IJ with us, from Amsterdam’s central train station to the other side:

Cute Dutch man crossing the river IJ

How wonderfully elegant is he?

I’m excited to report on my recent Dutch adventures, including being there during the World Cup. As regular readers know, I’m obsessed with the Dutch, and have plenty of posts in mind for this week and next, including quite a few on Dutch biking. Betty and I will be doing our best to publish a piece every weekday, so please keep checking back!

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