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Singapore Air Rocks

February 11th, 2010 · Add a comment · Blog posts by Betty, Good design

I travel a lot for business. Everyone always says, “Your job is so glamorous, yada yada.” Kind of. I’m actually just glad I still have a  job, frankly.

Here’s the truth: Traveling for work is not sexy in the least. Try flying for a zillion hours and then having to go present to a bunch of robots. Or freezing half to death in creepy business hotels because they crank up their AC so polar bears can lounge comfortably by the infinity pool.


Clooney not included.

There are upsides. Like when I recently got to fly business class on Singapore Airlines. At first, I flinched. The direct flight from Singapore to Los Angeles is 17 hours.

I don’t care if Don Draper is massaging my feet while I’m helping George Clooney go over his lines for his next flick. Seventeen hours is, like, nearing 24 hours.

A whole day. In the sky. With recycled air. And can we say blood clots?

But Singapore Air was awesome. Plugs for your laptop and iPod. Bose headphones. An incredible array of movie, television, and music choices. A remote that actually works and is intuitive.

We’re talking basically a twin bed that is completely flat. And only four seats across the entire plane.

This could be your seat.

17 hours never went by so fast.

The martini helped, too.

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